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Jun 8, 2020

Webinar: What is Stopping PropTech from Revolutionizing Build-to-Rent in the UK?

By 2023, 22% of the UK housing market is expected to be Build-to-Rent, also referred to as multifamily developments in the US. With hundreds of thousands of new buildings being built, there is an opportunity to reimagine property management systems for the incoming wave of private rental residents. And yet, most proptech solutions are met with high risk-aversion, increasing doubt, and endless trials.  

So far, we have found that smart home is no longer a nice-to-have in multifamily with the benefits extending beyond convenience to include security, peace of mind, and lower costs for both developers and residents. What must owners consider to leverage the full benefits of smart tech offerings? How can new buildings future-proof their infrastructure? What are the real gatekeepers to innovation in Rent-to-Build developments? How might PMS implementations transform over the next 10 years?  

Speakers featured in the session:

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