Yonomi for Multifamily Residential

Automate building operations using residential IoT.

Yonomi's connected home integration platform makes it easy to build residential IoT solutions for MDU property management.

Yonomi makes it easy to integrate connected home products with your property management applications.

Quickly and easily connect to third-party devices.
Simplify development with GraphQL-powered Traits.
SDKs to integrate directly into your apps and services.
Third-party device integrations

Cut overhead costs using connected devices.

Yonomi APIs make it easy to integrate a PMS with the most popular connected locks, thermostats, and more so that property managers can remotely manage common repairs and maintenance requests.
Powerful API abstractions

Reduce property risk from leaks, theft, and vandalism.

Often the most debilitating costs for property managers and investors are the ones they weren't prepared for. The Yonomi Platform makes it possible to build real-time building insights into your PMS to send alerts about a burst pipe, broken door lock, or attempted break-in the moment it happens.
Flexible tools and SDKs

Boost resident satisfaction with smart amenities.

Reducing resident turnover and maximizing new tenant referrals are top priority for property managers in an increasingly competitive rental market. Smart apartment features, secure package delivery, and reliable common room reservations are all proven ways you can help boost resident satisfaction.
  • Smart apartment controls
  • Common room reservations
  • Secure package delivery
  • Remote access management
  • Faster maintenance times
  • Added building security
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See the Yonomi platform in action.

Whether you already support connected home products and are interested in a more robust integration platform or are just beginning to research the benefits of residential IoT, our team can help.