Yonomi for Vacation Rentals

Add keyless entry to your vacation rental platform.

Yonomi's connected home integration platform makes it simple to add connected lock support to your vacation rental platform.

Yonomi makes it easy to integrate connected home products with your vacation rental applications.

Quickly and easily connect to third-party devices.
Simplify development with GraphQL-powered Traits.
SDKs to integrate directly into your apps and services.
Third-party device integrations

Support the top smart locks.

Yonomi APIs allow you to easily integrate with the most popular locks, so that you can support keyless entry directly in your platform.
Powerful API abstractions

Issue unique PIN codes for each guest.

Give guests an added sense of security by automatically generating unique access PIN codes at check-in, and help property managers ensure a smooth turnover by refreshing PIN codes at checkout.
Flexible tools and SDKs

Expand into full smart home control.

Unlike other access control providers, the Yonomi platform allows you to easily integrate with other popular smart home devices like lights, thermostats, sound systems, and noise monitors.
  • Support top device brands
  • Developer-friendly APIs
  • Use your app's native UI/UX
  • Fast, serverless architecture
  • Delight owners and guests
  • Built for the future of IoT
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See the Yonomi platform in action.

Whether you already support keyless access and are interested in a more robust smart home platform or are just beginning to research the benefits of keyless access, our team can help.