The Yonomi Platform

The connected home integration platform built for developers.

The Yonomi Platform provides the tools and frameworks needed to easily connect, control, and automate smart home devices.
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3rd-party account authorization

Connect to user devices via OAuth 2.0.

Yonomi supports a growing ecosystem of global device brands across a wide range of device types. Easily connect to best-selling connected locks, thermostats, lights, switches, leak sensors, and more.
Device control via GraphQL

Use Traits to control similar device types.

Traits are Yonomi's answer to the dilemma of controlling multiple brands of connected devices that feel like they should work similarly but all use slightly different API accommodations. Leveraging GraphQL, Traits standardize interactions across device types so that every light bulb, thermostat, and door lock "feels" exactly the same.
Device events via webhooks

Receive data streams from linked devices.

Yonomi uses webhooks to asynchronously provide data about device state changes to your applications. Notify users when a thermostat reaches a target temperature, collect and store motion events from motion sensors for analysis, or notify a property manager when a smart lock's battery is low.

Take a look under the hood.

The Yonomi Platform is designed for the future of residential IoT solutions — lightning fast, lightweight, and hardware agnostic.
GraphQL offers ideal abstraction layer for residential IoT devices
Webhooks provide device data and events to any endpoint
OAuth 2.0
OAuth 2.0 ensures secure device access and control
Serverless Architecture
Built on fast and lightweight serverless architecture
Microservices are small, simple, and independently deployable
Event-driven design allows processes to be decoupled
Prevent unauthorized access with best-in-class security
Enterprise-grade platform with high uptime and expert support
Grow from proof-of-concept to millions of users
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"The Yonomi team was a crucial asset in launching the HomeLink Connect app."
Brian Brackenbury
Director of Connected Products, Gentex
“If you are looking for a company that will help you to connect or integrate with other devices, Yonomi is the best option you can find.”
Jake Boshernitzan
Founder and CEO, Knocki
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