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Due to a competitive market and the heightened expectations of buyers, selling a home today takes a little more effort than it used to. According to a recent smart home survey, many potential homebuyers inquired about smart home technology and wanted it included in the transaction. When surveyed on what specific devices buyers were interested in, 75 percent want smart smoke detectors, 77 percent want smart thermostats, 63 percent want smart locks, and 66 percent want smart home security cameras, just to name a few.

Luckily for sellers, these devices are affordable and take minimal time or skill to install. The arguably reasonable investment may help give your home an edge that may help speed up the sale, score the asking price, and make your listing more attractive.

If you’d like to easily differentiate your home without spending more than a grand or so, check out these quick, DIY upgrades below.

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5 Smart Home Devices To Sell Your House

1. Opt in for a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are one of the most sought-after devices for homebuyers. There are so many benefits to installing them, including easily creating a more comfortable temperature and saving energy and money on bills. Many smart thermostats come with a number of impressive features, including voice control, which allows you to set the temperature with your voice, and geofencing, which enables the thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature depending on whether or not you’re occupying the space.

Most installations can be made without hiring an HVAC specialist. If you’ve never installed a smart thermostat before, check out this helpful article.

Yonomi Recommends: Options from
ecobee, and Honeywell Home

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2. Replace Your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smarten up your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and save your future buyer’s sanity by sparing them from those jarring chirps in the middle of the night. Intelligent smoke/CO detectors will send alerts to your smartphone if smoke is detected or if their battery is running low. Peace of mind is priceless, and offering it to potential homebuyers adds an element of safety to the home.

Yonomi Recommends: Nest Protect

3. Add Simple Surveillance With a Video Doorbell

When placed at the front door, smart video doorbells can add an extra feeling of security. When a smart doorbell detects motion or if the doorbell is pressed, it will alert your smartphone while also saving the video clip. These devices come with incredible video quality, so you can see visitors clearly and even communicate with them through the app with your voice. You can choose models that require hardwired connections, or you can go the battery-powered route. These devices are relatively simple to install and come with clear, step-by-step instructions.  

Yonomi Recommends: Ring Doorbell, Arlo Doorbell (both not currently supported by Yonomi)

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4. Secure the Front Door With a Smart Lock

Smart locks come with a wealth of valuable features that new homeowners will appreciate, including auto-lock and unlock functions, remote locking capabilities, and the ability to create unique passcodes for guests and contractors. Just like a smart doorbell, installing a smart lock gives an extra layer of security to the home’s front door. Some locks even come with voice control options, which allows for hands-free control using Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant.

Yonomi Recommends:
Schlage Encode Deadbolt

5. Lighten Up With Smart Light Bulbs and Switches

Give potential homebuyers a brighter experience with smart lighting - after all, 63 percent of survey participants would want a smart lighting system pre-installed. A simple and affordable way to implement smart lights in your home is by installing smart LEDs. A more endurable option is a smart switch.  You can purchase a starter kit that contains multiple bulbs so you can swap out your current bulbs in lamps and fixtures. The process is simple - after replacing the bulbs, set up the smart hub, which connects the bulbs to your WiFi - or use wifi bulbs and switches that don't require a hub.

Yonomi Recommends: Smart lighting options from Philips Hue, Lutron Caséta, LIFX, and OSRAM

By making shrewd investments with smart technology, you can show potential homebuyers just how comfortable and streamlined their lives can be if they lived in your home. Just let your real estate agent know to demonstrate the tech during showings, and you’re bound to have a leg up in the market.

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