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Connected, smart home devices are creating operational efficiencies, reducing risk, decreasing costs, and improving the guest experience for property managers and guests alike.

Looking for improved Net Operating Income on your properties? Here is a list of the best smart home devices for property management and smart buildings.

Best Smart Home Devices for Property Management

  1. Smart locks

    When is the last time you checked into a hotel and were handed a physical key—the old metal kind that many of us still use for our front doors? For most, it’s been decades – or never.

    Although the benefits of keyless entry for property managers are just as compelling, this innovation has taken some time to make its way into property management circles.

    One of the most stressful and time-consuming headaches for property managers is managing front door access to the property. Using a smart lock enables property managers to change access codes remotely and almost instantly.

    For guests, picking up or finding physical keys is no longer required. For service people, there is no need to coordinate calendars with property owners for services.

    Remote access to the front door experience also improves security. Pin codes can be updated from tenant to tenant or service person to service person so there is no risk of unexpected entry.

  2. Smart thermostats

    The next great connected device innovation for property managers is the smart thermostat. Once again, installing smart thermostats is all about frictionless management and creating and improving the guest experience. Interestingly, the temperature (too hot or too cold) is one of the biggest complaints property managers field from guests. With remote management of thermostats, room temperature can be changed before the guest's arrival and managed during their stay. Just as important, with the ability to manage temperature remotely, property managers can save energy for unoccupied units.

  3. Water leak detectors

    Travelers insurance determined that 35% of insurance claims were sourced from either weather-related or non-weather-related water damage. Installing water leak sensors in bathrooms and kitchens as well as alongside the basement sump pump and water heaters can save thousands of dollars in property damage. Water leak sensors alert property managers instantly of a water breach and can shut the water off immediately when a breach occurs. Insurance costs may also be reduced depending on the policy of your insurance provider.

  4. Noise detectors

    Manage disturbances before the authorities are alerted by angry neighbors. Noise detectors enable managers to know when noise levels are above local guidelines and can be effectively managed.

  5. Smart lights, bulbs, and switches

    Smart lights and switches are a welcome convenience for tenants and property managers alike. Once again, cost savings are achieved through effective management of when lights are on or off. Smart lights can enhance the guest experience by adjusting to day and night time lighting settings and creating ambiance.

  6. Smart speakers

    And finally, last on the list are smart speakers. Not only can property managers create the right mood upon guest arrival, but smart speakers also provide an added level of security for your property. Imagine unwanted visitors deterred by the sounds of music or dogs barking. You choose.

Let’s face it, with smart connected devices property management just got a lot more efficient and effective. For guests, arrival is a hassle-free and welcoming experience with the right lighting, the perfect temperature, and mood music. With remote control enabled, property managers are freed up to focus on more pressing business.

Want to know how Yonomi can help you integrate your suite of connected devices? Schedule a time in our diary. We'd love to discuss your unique business requirements to understand if the Yonomi Platform is a fit for your needs.

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