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From access management, to self-touring, energy saving, and improved security, property managers are leveraging smart building technology to create stronger relationships with tenants, while at the same time, enjoying massive efficiency gains.

However, the smart building technology market is complex. A complete smart automation system incorporates several technologies, including hardware, software, and internet connectivity.  So how do you know what smart devices to invest in and ensure that your software solution is future-proofed?

Investing in Smart Building Technology

In this episode of Solving for Multifamily, Robert Gaulden discusses the adoption of smart building technology, smart devices and the benefits of using the Yonomi IoT Platform with his guest, Kent Dickson from Yonomi. Kent shares a virtual buyers guide for investing in smart buildings and smart devices.

Dickson is the founder and now General Manager of Yonomi and VP of Platforms and Solutions for Allegion. Yonomi's IoT Platform enables property management software developers to rapidly deploy and integrate smart devices into their property management applications without locking them into any device type or brand.

For example if you have a building with legacy devices, Yonomi extracts that layer. So, the developer can write code for a common action such as opening a lock, but only has to do this once. The command will work across any brand of lock.

This ensures software applications are flexible and can evolve with the market.

Listen to the complete podcast or go directly to the topics of interest in the outline below to learn how Yonomi removes the need to manage multiple smart device manufacturer relationships and APIs through one platform.

1:67 Adoption of Smart Building Technology

2:55 Yonomi IoT Platform and it' traits-based approach
The Traits-based approach allows solution providers to connect to multiple device types and brands without adding a single line of code

7:27 Dive deeper into the benefits of a traits-based development model

9:46 Optimizing development resources and freeing them up to work on your core business

12:32 Communication protocols: Z-Wave, Zigbee, and Wifi and the introduction of Matter

16:08 IP Addressable Devices

18:18 Not all APIs are created equal: managing multiple hardware vendor relationships

23:22 Yonomi Contact information

You can find more information about Yonomi at You can also schedule a meeting with a technical sales consultant here.

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