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We are excited to announce that the Yonomi platform has been named “Best Innovation in Smart Home” in the 2020 DEVIES Awards. The DEVIES Awards recognize technical innovation, adoption, and reception in the developer technology industry and by the developer community.  The DEVIES are the only awards recognizing excellence in developer tools, products, and technology across more than twenty categories. The DEVIES Awards Ceremony takes place during DeveloperWeek 2020, the world’s largest developer and engineering conference and expo.

With hundreds of nominations each year, the judges of the DEVIES Awards select winners based on awareness and adoption, general well-regard by the developer community, and innovation within their particular sectors.

Other winners in this year’s DEVIES Awards include IBM, Twilio SendGrid, Domo, GitLab, TomTom, and Magic Leap.

“This recognition demonstrates that the future of the smart home industry is interoperability, openness, and platform agnosticism,” said Yonomi CEO, Kent Dickson. “When developers and product teams have access to tools that standardize the entire smart home ecosystem, the speed at which innovation can happen is tremendous. This decade is going to see fantastic value created for both consumers and enterprises from smart home integration platforms.”

Recent examples of product innovation using the Yonomi platform include the Schlage Encode smart lock, the HomeLink® car-to-home automation system from Gentex, and the OmniFob™ smart key fob from Keyport. The Yonomi platform remains the easiest way for innovators to build great apps and devices that connect with the smart home, and continues to innovate in the smart home interoperability space with solutions like rules and routines, automated device discovery, and data analysis.

About Yonomi

Yonomi is the simple smart home integration platform. We make it easy for innovators to build great apps and devices that connect with the smart home.

The Yonomi Platform simplifies interoperability throughout the connected home ecosystem. From cloud connectivity for consumer products to powering hundreds of third-party device integrations, Yonomi enables you to engage consumers with unique branded experiences in homes across the globe.

The Yonomi App, powered by the Yonomi Platform, is the best way to discover, connect, and automate the most popular smart home devices with a single service. Today, it is used in more than 150 countries and helps integrate over 20 leading smart home brands.

Yonomi was founded in 2013 by Kent Dickson, Joss Scholten, and Garett Madole. The company is dual-headquartered in Austin, TX and Boulder, CO.

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