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A definitive guide to all things Yonomi.

What is Yonomi?

Yonomi is an IoT Device Management Platform that accelerates your company’s ability to connect, control and automate a wide suite of IoT devices. The Yonomi Platform is a Platform-as-a-Service tool for companies in the smart automation space to integrate with a suite of smart devices. The platform exists to provide a single API that exposes access to functionality for the entire smart unit.

What is the Yonomi IoT Integration API?

The Yonomi API is a GraphQL-based programming interface that enables interoperability, aggregation, and control of a wide array of the most popular smart home devices. It provides programmatic device control, state visibility, and near real-time device events via webhooks. The Yonomi Platform mitigates the need to integrate with multiple vendor APIs, reduces the complexities of working with many device models through our device traits syntax, and significantly shortens any IoT integration development effort. 

If you are interested in testing the platform and getting access to API keys, visit our developer portal.

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What can the Yonomi IoT Integration Platform be used for?

Yonomi's API is used by software companies to integrate with devices used in the vacation rental industry, multifamily, home security, insurance, and smart apartment industries.

Who can use the Yonomi IoT Integration Platform?

Yonomi is used by many companies at all stages of business development. These include startups but also large multinational brands.

What is the benefit of the Yonomi IoT Integration Platform?

Yonomi is a one-stop shop for integrating with an IoT environment. With it, you can improve operational efficiency, increase security, and lower risk. Yonomi is the fastest way to integrate your application with smart, connected devices to your property management, energy management, wellness, and insurance software applications.

What smart devices does Yonomi integrate with?

Yonomi integrates with hundreds of devices, as seen on our integrations page. The new Yonomi platform for commercial purposes is constantly growing and is currently integrated with smart brands in lighting, door locks, thermostats, and plugs, with noise monitoring and leak detection coming soon.

Is Yonomi free?

Developers can test integrating smart devices for free using the developers' playground. You can read about The Yonomi Platform and integration testing here. The Yonomi IoT Integration platform API is available for a fee.

How much does the B2B Yonomi IoT Integration Platform Cost?

Yonomi for enterprise applications is the most affordable PaaS IoT brand on the market. Each of our customers is given a plan based on their growth, trajectory, and a number of other factors with a free demo to get started.

Can I get access to the Yonomi IoT Integration API?

Companies building enterprise solutions looking for a way to integrate with a smart device environment can contact our sales team here to get access to our API.

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