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Smart device integration

Smart device integration is Yonomi's bread and butter. If you want to integrate smart home devices such as locks, lights, and thermostats into your property management, energy management, wellness, or insurance software applications, we've made it easy with one API connecting hundreds of devices. The Yonomi Platform is the fastest route to achieving your IoT software development goals. 

So how do you get started integrating smart home devices?

We have several resources for you to learn how to integrate smart devices. Below you can access our series of  "how to integrate smart devices" posts that show how to integrate various smart devices. Be sure to revisit this post as we will continue to add more guides to specific integrations.


What if I want to test integrating a smart device?

Visit Yonomi's developer's portal, and check out how to get started with the Yonomi Platform. The article will take you through creating an account so you can access the Developer Playground and build and test your integration

What about protecting my technology investment?

The engineers at Yonomi have focused on future-proofing your investment (and theirs) since the very beginning. The platform is extensible, flexible, and backward compatible with Matter. You can read more about our approach to development here and the advent of traits.

What smart devices does the Yonomi Platform integrate with?

You can find a list of devices we integrate with here.

What if you still have questions?

If you have questions and want to talk to our technical sales team, please follow this link, and we will reach out to you today.

Schedule a call

Alternatively visit our developer portal, create an account and test integrating your device today.

Try the platform

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