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Schlage Keyless Entry

Keyless entry door lock systems are ubiquitous in modern high rises today, such as hotels and commercial buildings. But residential smart locks that enable keyless entry for single-family homes and vacation properties are just hitting their stride in terms of adoption. This article covers how homeowners and vacation rental property managers can add keyless entry to their portfolio of services using a Schlage Keyless Entry solution.    

What is Keyless Entry?

First, what is keyless entry? Keyless entry is the ability to access a physical space without using a physical, permanent key.  All keyless entry systems today rely in some way on a combination of hardware and software to enable access.  Most people experience keyless entry solutions today in hotels, commercial buildings, and corporate offices, where magnetic stripe cards, RFID chipped badges or biometric sensors are typical methods of authorizing access to a room or office space.  For residential properties, smart locks are a primary method for enabling keyless entry.  

Why use keyless entry door locks for my vacation property?

If you've operated a vacation property for any length of time, then you know the guest arrival and check-in process is the most important and impressionable—and frequently the most hectic—time of a guest's stay.  Your guests will develop their first impression of your property within 15 minutes of check-in. Easily access to the property is one of the most important factors in that first impression.  Just as important as the guest impression is reservation and scheduling efficiency.  Keyless entry door locks allow hosts and property managers to address both by digitizing the access to a property with electronic pin codes and app-driven door lock/unlock control. 

Why use a Schlage Keyless Entry Door Lock?

We've discussed the benefits of Schlage smart locks for vacation rental and single-family property management. Keyless entry is a minimum requirement for a smart lock. In addition, with Schlage Encode locks, you also benefit from long battery life, an extensive integration API to support integration with the most popular property management solutions, and important security features to protect your property and ensure guests and hosts have visibility to the state property access during a reservation. 

Schlage leverages the Yonomi IoT Integration Platform to deliver keyless entry features for the Encode lock. Property management technology companies integrate with Yonomi to deliver those services to hosts and guests.  Choosing a Schlage Encode lock to support your keyless entry needs ensures you'll maximize the positive impact on the guest's first impression of your vacation rental property and achieve the efficiency targets that support the bottom line for your vacation rental business. 

 If you are interested in testing the Yonomi Platform with your Schlage Encode lock, visit the Yonomi Developer Portal.

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Alternatively, if you want to speak to our technical sales team, please schedule a meeting directly. We'd love to support you on your smart home automation journey.

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