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10 Benefits of Smart Lock Integration

Schlage Encode locks provide many features that make managing property access efficient and cost-effective—but only if you’ve achieved API integration and can remotely interact with these devices using the Schlage Encode API.

Yonomi and Schlage are partner companies under the Allegion brand. As such, Yonomi is the smart home device integration platform of choice for Schlage locks.

Yonomi provides a single API that supports control of Schlage Encode locks and moves beyond the front door to integrate other leading smart home devices that create efficiencies for property managers.

10 Benefits of Smart Lock Integration

If you’re exploring using smart locks to create cost savings and efficiencies in property management, as well as enhance the guest experience, here are the 10 most useful features you can achieve using the Schlage Encode API and the Yonomi Platform. 

  1. Quickly add and authorize a lock

    Smart locks require owner authorization before they can be used through an API and Schlage Encode locks are no different.  Using the Yonomi Platform, building the authorization experience is simple.  Even better, due to Yonomi’s behavior trait API interaction model, adding other lock brands to your solution requires minimal code changes. 

  2. Manage multiple locks and pin codes on a single Schlage Encode account or multiple accounts

    If you’re operating a property management or short-term rental business you’re dealing with lots of patrons and lots of doors.  Yonomi seamlessly exposes access to Schlage Encode locks so that you can manage multiple locks on a single Schlage account, or multiple locks across multiple accounts.

  3. Lock and unlock with a press of a button

    The Yonomi Platform allows you to lock or unlock a Schlage Encode lock immediately and from anywhere with a single action request API call. Yonomi also provides an asynchronous response back to let you know when the request was completed.

  4. Show a Schlage Encode lock's locked/unlocked state in your app

    Sometimes it is as important to know the state of a lock as it is to control it.  Yonomi’s platform uses GraphQL to support simple or complex state queries, including state of the lock, which can be presented right from your custom app.  It also supports webhook notifications for updating lock state on your app as it happens or reacting to lock/unlock events.

  5. Create and store up to 100 pin codes

    One of the most important and requested features of smart locks—particularly for short-term rental needs—is to be able to generate pin codes via API.  With Yonomi you can create Schlage Encode APIs easily and confirm the pin code was created with an asynchronous event response.

  6. Change smart lock pin codes

    If you need to delete or modify a pin code, Yonomi’s API has you covered

  7. Remotely deactivate Schlage Encode locks and pin codes

    In cases where a guest’s pin must be deleted or a lock needs to be removed, Yonomi’s API supports either with a simple API call.

  8. Determine if a Schlage lock is jammed

    While Schlage Encode locks are known for their reliability, all locks can jam, and jams are particularly frustrating if you have a patron waiting to get into a unit.  Yonomi’s API allows you to see if a Schlage Encode lock is jammed so you can plan for such contingencies.

  9. Monitor battery status and notify owners/managers when batteries should be replaced

    Battery status is important for ensuring your lock is functioning properly.  Yonomi’s API can be queried to obtain lock battery status, so you know when to let your owners/managers know when a lock needs a fresh set.

  10. Control lights, thermostats, and other smart devices

    While not a feature of the Schlage API, Yonomi also exposes lights, thermostats, and many other devices through the same API.  If you’re building a comprehensive solution that needs visibility and control over Schlage Encode locks as well as other devices, the Yonomi Platform is worth taking a look.

Next up, want to know how to integrate with the Schlage Encode API? Access the Yonomi Developer Platform and documentation to see just how easy integrating with the Schlage Encode API. You can also see what customers have to say here.

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10 Benefits of Schlage Smart Lock Integration

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