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The following is an excerpt of a blog post written by Yonomi’s David Vigor and EPAM Systems’s Daniel Hesselbarth. You can read the entire article by clicking the link below the excerpt.

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Is the Smart Home Still an open field of Opportunity to Reach Gen Z consumers?

A smart home is a home equipped with network-enabled devices that can be remotely controlled and/or transmit information about their state or environment.  The smart home creates numerous opportunities to reach today’s Gen Z consumers.

Gen Z Consumers have graduated beyond exploring the latest iPhone specifications, browsing through streaming apps on their TVs and discovering new ways to avoid internet ads. Consumers are more informed today than they ever have been, with Gen Z leading the pack as the most research and value driven generation yet.

Gen Z also has the highest expectations for customer experience and ease-of-use. As a result, in order to outperform the competition, modern-day service providers are adopting strategies that rise above the noise, building personalized relationships and addressing real customer needs.

From products to platforms, the smart home market is consistently described as a fragmented market with numerous challenges. Providers are struggling to build an end-to-end holistic experience from these isolated platforms. However, with investment evolving and educating both service providers and consumers offers a win-win solution.

Consumer spending on smart home products is expected to reach well over $157 billion by 2023. While new smart home adopters are addressing one-off use cases like security or home entertainment, high-fiber users often have more than 16 connected devices in the home spanning multiple use cases like energy management, home maintenance, security and more.

It’s quite simple: smart home products simplify the home, but the customer chooses how much simplification they want and where. With a trusted broadband provider guiding their path and unifying the experience, pioneering the future of the home can be safe, easy and fun.

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