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Earlier this month, innovative automotive parts supplier Gentex announced the latest version of its HomeLink® car-to-home automation system. The new system consists of a Bluetooth-enabled automatic-dimming mirror with integrated buttons that can be programmed to operate a myriad of radio frequency and cloud-based home automation devices.

HomeLink Connect™

Cloud-based device operation is made possible by HomeLink Connect™, Gentex’s new home automation app, that users can configure to control their existing home automation devices. Once configured, the user’s phone/app pairs with the HomeLink buttons in the mirror via Bluetooth, allowing users to activate their devices from their vehicle without needing to fumble with their phone.

Once your smart home devices have been paired with the HomeLink Connect mobile app, you can run custom scenes and routines on-the-go with the simple press of button.

The Connected Car Experience

The new aftermarket Bluetooth-enabled rearview mirror is compatible with virtually any make and model to easily upgrade your vehicle to the connected car experience.

Once the mirror has been installed with the help of a knowledgeable technician, you can download the HomeLink Connect app for iOS or Android to begin pairing your devices and designing your smart home routines.

Always forget to turn off the lights and lock the front door on your way to work? Simply design a “Leaving Home” routine to be able to lock up safely after you’ve already pulled out of the driveway.

Or, want to make sure you walk into a well-lit home no matter what time you get back to the house? Run an “I’m Home” routine as you’re pulling up to unlock the front door, light the entryway, and start playing your Sonos speakers before you even get out of the car.

How to Get Yours

Whether you’re a busy family, a long-distance commuter, or just want the peace of mind that comes from staying connected to your home wherever you are, the HomeLink car-to-home automation system is the perfect addition to your life.

The HomeLink-powered mirror is available now through select retailers and installers for $299.99. The HomeLink Connect service is free for the first year, and costs $1.99 to renew every year after.

To find the dealer nearest you, visit exclusive distributor VOXX Electronics.

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