Yonomi for Energy Management

Build apps to optimize energy consumption automatically.

Yonomi's connected home integration platform makes it simple to build smart home interoperability and automation in your apps.

Yonomi makes it easy to integrate connected home products with your energy management applications.

Quickly and easily connect to third-party devices.
Simplify development with GraphQL-powered Traits.
SDKs to integrate directly into your apps and services.
Third-party device integrations

Support the smart devices customers already own.

Yonomi APIs allow you to easily integrate with the most popular thermostats, lights, switches, and more so that you can provide energy management solutions with off-the-shelf devices.
Powerful API abstractions

Provide custom insights for reducing peak energy use.

The Yonomi Platform delivers real-time device events and status updates via Webhooks so that you can offer helpful nudges to optimize energy consumption.
Flexible tools and SDKs

Prevent surprise energy bills with automated alerts and shut-offs.

Surprise energy bills are one of the biggest contributors to poor customer satisfaction. The Yonomi Platform makes it possible to warn customers in real-time, and even gain permissions to automatically shut-off or pause idle devices.
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Prevent energy use spikes
  • Gather real-time analytics
  • Offer device-level control
  • Fast, serverless architecture
  • Built to scale
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