Yonomi for Insurance

Reduce risk and gain valuable home telematics data.

Yonomi's connected home integration platform makes it easy for insurers to build apps and solutions that leverage the smart home.

Yonomi makes it easy to integrate connected home products with your insurance applications.

Quickly and easily connect to third-party devices.
Simplify development with GraphQL-powered Traits.
SDKs to integrate directly into your apps and services.
Third-party device integrations

Reduce property risk with connected devices.

Yonomi APIs allow you to easily integrate with the most popular water leak detectors, water shut-off valves, smart smoke detectors, and more.
Powerful API abstractions

Verify in-home devices are installed and online.

Policy discounts help incentivize home insurance customers to purchase leak detectors and shut-off valves, but devices need to be properly installed to provide a return on investment. The Yonomi Platform uses Webhooks to provide real-time device statuses so that proper installation can be verified automatically.
Flexible tools and SDKs

Leverage valuable home telematics data.

The Yonomi Platform enables real-time relay of home telematics that can revolutionize how you engage with customers, predict and respond to claims, and price future insurance products.
  • Power predictive analytics
  • Boost customer experience
  • Alert for potential risks
  • Faster claim response
  • Reward low-risk customers
  • Reduce claim frequency
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Whether you already support connected home products and are interested in a more robust integration platform or are just beginning to research the benefits of residential IoT, our team can help.