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If you're managing one or more vacation rental properties, there are a lot of considerations you'll make to balance a delightful guest experience with a profitable rental business.  Streamlining the check-in process can achieve both goals, and a smart lock is a key component of that strategy.  But all smart locks aren't equal.  Choosing the right smart lock is key to maximizing the full potential of your check-in experience. 

This article will cover features of Allegion's Schlage Encode lock and demonstrate why Schlage Encode is the smart lock for Airbnb vacation rentals. .

Schlage Encode Smart Lock for Vacation Rentals

  1. Schlage Encode Smart Lock is Wifi enabled

    There are several wireless smart home protocols available for lock providers to enable smart lock connectivity.  Some popular protocols include Z-wave, ZigBee, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).  Of course—and by a wide margin—the most popular wireless protocol is Wifi.  The Schlage Encode is Wifi enabled "out-of-the-box"—natively supporting a protocol with ubiquitous familiarity and support.

    Why it Matters:  Besides the likelihood that your vacation rental property already offers wifi for your guests, the Schlage Encode lock communicates directly with your wifi hotspot.  Just as important, the Schlage Encode does so without requiring an extra bridge or hub device to communicate over the Internet, unlike locks that use other protocols.  This means you only have one device to manage. In addition, if you use a smart lock equipped with any other smart home protocol, you'll still need to make the Internet available to the lock for it to reach its full potential.

  2. Schlage Encode has Industry-leading Battery Life

    Smart locks require power, but unlike smart switches, smoke alarms, or thermostats, they can't be connected to a constant power source.  They use batteries.  This means that batteries, battery life, and battery replacement are critical considerations in your check-in management process.  Schlage Encode locks enjoy industry-leading battery life, optimizing the use of batteries despite the power-drain challenges typically associated with wifi-enabled, battery-powered devices.

    Why it Matters:  Locks that quickly drain batteries can have a surprisingly significant impact on your bottom line.  Picking a lock that supports a long battery life will directly support a lower cost of ownership and management and a better return on NoI. Schlage Encode locks will also inform owners when lock batteries are low, so they can prioritize replacement in between long rental periods, supporting the goal of a seamless guest experience.

  3. Schlage Encode supports remote lock control  

    Smart locks are smart because they can communicate over the Internet for control and remote management.  If you have to be in close physical proximity to your rental property to manage it—such as modifying a permanent code—you might do just as well leaving a key under a rock. 

    Remote lock control is a minimum requirement for a smart lock.  It's even more important if your unit experiences many last-minute reservations or has a tenant who is having trouble getting into the unit by themselves.

    Why it Matters:  The Schlage Encode smart lock was built from the ground up to support vacation rental remote management needs.  This is important; not all smart locks support control capabilities as remote features or may require an additional piece of hardware to enable them. 

    Be sure when reviewing smart locks to consider what you'll need to do remotely before choosing.  

  4. Schlage Encode supports Pin code access with schedules

    The ability to add, change and remove pin codes is a reason in and of itself to switch out your keyed deadbolt for a smarter lock.  But if you're giving your guests the same pin code for reservation after reservation, you're inviting security issues—and bad reviews—between or across rentals.  There are pin code locks available that let you create and store multiple codes simultaneously, but even these locks require physical deletion and re-creation of pin codes regularly.   The best smart locks allow you to create pin codes that are associated with schedules that match up perfectly with guest check-in and check-out times.  Smart locks even let you modify schedules to support early check-in and late check-out. 

    Why it Matters:  The Schlage Encode smart lock provides advanced pin code management features and complex scheduling rules.  You can even create different pin codes for the different resources you rely on to help run your business, such as maintenance or cleaning teams.  Schlage also captures the details of who used the lock and when, so you can maintain an audit trail of property access and provide assurances of the safety of your rental experience. 

  5. There is space for 100 pin codes

    Creating pin codes is important, but storing them is also important.  Schlage Encode smart locks support up to 100 pin codes at a time.  Many available smart locks support storing fewer pin codes at a time. 

    Why it Matters:  If your smart locks limit the number of pin codes that can be created, it means more frequent management to delete pin codes for new reservations.  This is compounded if your property receives a lot of reservations for future dates instead of last-minute rentals. This can mean more management hassle. 
  6. Get near real-time notifications with Schlage Encode

    Near real-time means "just after" something happens.  Schlage Encode locks support near real-time notifications for all control requests, from pin code entries to pin code modification to manual thumb turns to lock a unit.  Notifications occur within a few seconds under normal operating conditions. With Schlage Encode you have full visibility to property access and know who accessed, when and how. 

    Why it Matters:  Knowing that a guest has checked in or checked out within seconds of it happening can help you more effectively manage your rental, provides assurances that the guest was able to successfully access the unit and provides an audit trail of access.  It can also be used to help with management activities such as early cleaning when a guest checks out early. 

  7. Forced Entry Sensor & Failed Entry Events

    The Schlage Encode lock includes a tamper sensor that will notify owners if someone attempts to force their way into a property.

    Why it Matters:  Security.  Not all smart locks are equipped with tamper sensors, and they are a meaningful feature, particularly for extending the peace of mind that a host enjoys to your guests.

  8. The Schlage encode has a weather-durable finish is reliable

    Schlage Encode locks are also Schlage locks.  Schlage has a reputation for building one of the most durable residential hardware devices in the industry.  Schlage knows how to make a lock that lasts.

    Why it Matters:  You can find smart locks on the market made by technology companies.  These companies certainly build fantastic-looking hardware, but performance over the long haul is unproven for a lock from a provider that has only made them available for a few years.  Schlage has been in the lock business for over 100 years and knows how to build long-lasting hardware.
  9. For guests there is no key required

    Checking in to a unit can be a delightful experience for guests or it can be a hassle.  Unnecessary challenges at check-in can annoy or anger guests during the most critical time in their rental experience.  Schlage Encode smart locks ensure that guests can get in the unit whether or not the owner/property manager is available and without a physical key that can be lost, broken, or even stolen.  Just as important, no key means non-owners can't copy the key for nefarious purposes.

  10. For guests there is seamless access 

    Whether your guest uses a pin code or an app button-press to access or lock the unit, they're assured the door will operate as expected.  If they forget their pin, remote lock access means the owner or property manager can get a guest into a unit.  With Schlage Encode locks, seamless access is a reality today.

  11. Peace of mind

    Guests have been exposed to the Schlage brand on countless properties, and most who know the brand are assured by previous positive experiences. Your guests will enjoy the same peace of mind owners enjoy with the Schlage Encode smart lock.   

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