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8 Reasons to Invest in Remote Door Locks

For property managers, remote door locks are a game changer. Remote door locks have many capabilities that create efficiencies, increase security and improve the guest experience. Here is a list of the top 8 reasons to invest in remote door locks.

  1. Remotely lock and unlock doors

    With a remote lock, you can lock or unlock a door lock immediately and from anywhere. This sets property managers free to use their time running their business vs. running around town opening and closing doors for guests and service people.

  2. Manage multiple locks and pin codes with one application

    If you are a property manager, you manage multiple guest interactions and access requirements. With a remote lock, you can manage multiple locks on a single account or multiple locks across multiple accounts.

  3. Know if a door is locked or unlocked

    Sometimes it is as important to know the state of a lock as it is to control it. For example, did your last guest lock the door when they left the property? Or is the door unsecured? Using the right IoT Platform to support your property management application, you can see the state of a lock, and then lock or unlock it is required.
  4. Create and store multiple pin codes

    One of the most important and requested features of remote door locks is the ability to generate pin codes via API.  Different remote locks store different numbers of pin codes. Make sure the lock meets your pin code requirements.

  5. Change remote lock pin codes

    Remote door locks enable you to delete or modify a pin code remotely. In cases where a guest’s pin must be deleted, or a lock needs to be removed, Remote locks can support either.

  6. Monitor battery status remotely

    With remote lock capabilities, property managers can be notified when batteries should be replaced.

  7. Remotely deactivate Schlage Encode locks and pin codes

    In cases where a guest’s pin must be deleted or a lock needs to be removed, Yonomi’s API supports either with a simple API call.

  8. Ensure a best-in-class guest experience

    While Schlage Encode locks are known for their reliability, all locks can jam, and jams are particularly frustrating if you have a patron waiting to get into a unit.  Yonomi’s API allows you to see if a Schlage Encode lock is jammed so you can plan for such contingencies.

Next up, want to know how to integrate with the Schlage Encode API? Access the Yonomi Developer Platform and documentation to see just how easy integrating with the Schlage Encode API. You can also see what customers have to say here.

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